img 28.Jan.2021

Wow… the day has finally arrived Thursday 28 th January a day that changed my life forever, the day my
first novel is released for sale and people around the world are going to read it.

Friends have been asking me how does this make me feel? Well firstly, scared, scared that people are
going to hate it & I’m going to be ridiculed for what I’ve written & I also worry that people are going to
take offence to the erotic content of my novel. But and this is a massive BUT I know there are people
who will love it and already I’m hearing from men and women telling me that they can relate to it, that
they too fell in love with an older woman or a younger guy. So on this basis I’m overwhelmed by that to
think that someone can relate to my story, that’s a compliment right there, and that is what I will

I know there’s going to be some bad press/publicity around this, there always is, some people just can’t
help themselves, they are what I call ‘Keyboard warriors’ but for every negative comment I know I will
have a hundred positive comments and this is what I will focus on, the good and the Love that I receive
from my new found fans 

So, I’m going to finish with one more thing, If you love it be sure to tell others but if you hate it, well now
you keep that to yourself 

Much love