img 18.Feb.2021

Hey, how have you all been doing this week? All good I hope…

First I have some thanks to give, before moving on to the ‘filling in this week’s blog sandwich’ as it were.

               I couldn’t believe it, less than 3 weeks since the release date, not once but twice, The Older Woman has topped the 100 best-selling Romance charts for Kindle downloads, it may not seem like a big deal to some or you might even think ‘So!’ but honestly, it’s a huge deal, there are novels in the top 100 that have been out for 10 years or more and here’s little old me less than 3 weeks old and I’m already making a mark, so THANK YOU, each and every one of you who has supported me and continue to support me, keep adding your reviews - they are equally as important both here in the UK ( and the USA ( where we have also gained  5* reviews this week, but most of all keep telling your friends and family, lets get The Older Woman to No:1 in all the charts.

               I want to take this opportunity to talk about Lockdown and how it’s affecting people. I for one cannot wait for normal life to resume, whether it’s this year or next, as a nation we will get through this, we’ve survived a lot worse, but the main thing is we all come through this in one piece and with our loved ones, so please what ever it takes, stay safe, keep a check on your nearest and dearest, check on the vulnerable and the elderly, a lot of them are very lonely and in the past have relied on neighbours and friends for help or just company but have lost that now, however, it won’t last forever. So please remember, you are not alone, we are all in this together!

               Those who know me personally will know I’m a big ‘Royalist’ and a massive fan of the young Princes, William and Harry, and was ecstatic to read that Harry and Meghan are expecting their 2nd child, another Great Grandchild for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. I personally don’t read any of the ‘tripe’ mainstream media write about the royal family and their quarrels, families fall out, it is human nature but blood is thicker than water and no matter what happens in a person’s life, no one is more supportive than your own kin.

Well, my lovelies I have to crack on with my writing as I want to finish my current novel and you’ll be pleased to hear that the sequel to The Older Woman, ‘Ring of Hope’ is in the final stages of editing which fills me with immense excitement, but for now, stay safe and keep the messages coming and don’t forget the all-important reviews!



Anna-Leigh x