img 01.Nov.2023

It is hard to believe that another year is almost over & I genuinely mean this when I say it ‘ I do not know where this year has gone !!!

It’s been a strange year for me personally, with some highs and lows throughout the year & one thing I have just realised is ‘I’ve not written a blog since September last year, this is literally my first one in over a year.

So Iet me start firstly with the publication of the book, which seems to be taking ‘Forever’ but I know there are some good reasons behind the delay in publishing, so I’m happy with that but I still feel frustrated with it none the less!!

Secondly, and this one is on a personal note: Our family lost a sister/aunty this year to that awful disease ‘Dementia’ she was without doubt taken way too soon, and I know we are all struggling with her death and dealing with the grief of losing her, which seems to come and go in waves !

Grief is a terrible thing, it’s simply a feeling that never leaves you but in time it gets easier and everyday life resumes, but its never the same when you’ve lost a loved one !!

So for me I will be glad to see the back of this year, for more than one reason.

Well, the countdown to Christmas in my house has begun , I’m literally counting down the days to 2024 .. it’s going to be a very busy but exciting year and I am so excited, I can not wait for the new year, but for now I’m going to try and enjoy what’s left of this one & look forward to the next!!

So that’s it for me for now, but I promise I won’t leave it for over twelve months again.

Take care & stay safe,

Much Love