img 11.Feb.2021

Hello everyone


Well, it’s been 2 weeks now since the release of The Older Woman and what can I say but a big THANK YOU, honestly, I can’t believe the responses I’ve had to it, apart from the 4 five-star reviews on Amazon, a request from Nebraska (North America) as well as requests from other parts of America.

The one thing I was always fearful of was family and friends reading it, because let’s face it they are your worst critic, but thankfully on this occasion all I’ve heard and seen is positive comments and an amazing amount of support in the form of phone calls, messages and emails. So again, Thank You - Each and every one of you.

So, how’s everyone been keeping this week with the weather conditions here in the UK?

Personally I’ve not been up to much myself, just staying in the warmth, I did go running a couple of times, but I was so cold I’ve decided to wait until the weather heats up or at least rises above zero, having said that it’s given me a great opportunity to carry on working on my WIP (work in progress) a lovely novel which will hopefully be ready for release by spring next year.

As some of you may be aware The Older Woman has been on a successful blog tour and I’ve received some fantastic feedback from this which just reinforces that I am on the right path!

Before this started, I was asked to provide some information about me as an author and what inspires me, also where’s my favourite place to write and if I have any bad habits etc Well as you can see from the photo that my favourite place to write on these cold and snowy days is my bed with Eddie keeping me company and my bad habit I would say is: copious amounts of Tea, for those who know me, they’d probably agree that I am without doubt a Tea-a-Holic!!

So my lovelies, I’m going to sign off now and get back to what I was doing, making a cup of tea ;) but please remember to keep the messages and emails coming, they are amazing, until next week, stay warm and most importantly stay safe!