img 29.Jan.2022

28th January 2022, almost exactly one year ago, The Older Woman was released and I became an official published author.

What can I say about the last twelve months? Well for starters it’s been amazing and extremely busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I was talking to my best friend today about the last twelve months and how fast it’s gone and she said although it’s officially been a year it feels a lot longer to her. I sat and thought about it for a moment and realised in actual fact it’s been two years, when I think back to that first night in lockdown when I wrote the first six chapters of The Older Woman.

I’ve come along way in the last 2 years, the sequel ‘Ring of Hope’ was published later in 2021 and Jamie the final in the trilogy will be published in the summer months of this year, adding to the excitement of what’s instore for 2022.

As many of you may already know I teamed up with Hinton magazine in September and became one of the five official sponsors for their annual awards night, so it’s only fitting that I am going to be featured on the front cover of March edition with a full-length interview. Just one of the many magazine shoots and interviews planned for this year.

Well, it has been a long time, too long since I last wrote a blog, and to be honest I must try and make more of an effort to write one, but life is so busy I literally blink and 3 months have passed me by, but I promise this year I will try and make a bigger effort to keep up to date with my blogs.

Take care and stay safe.

Much Love

Anna-Leigh x