The Older Woman

Jess’s arrival in the military village has got her heart racing, her adrenalin pumping…... Lust, passion and a yearning for love, that's all that she ever really dreamed of. With a failed marriage behind her and an uncertain future, she hopes her move to the small military village not far from her parents will turn out to be for the best.

Work hard, party harder seems to be the usual lifestyle for a nineteen year old squaddie. He has no intention of settling down, in fact, he craves the excitement of an older woman to fulfil his fantasies.

Will their highly charged and erotic activity be enough to sustain a relationship? Can Jamie be kept a secret and hold onto their passion or will it be too much for either of them?

The Older Woman- – an erotic romance that ensues from a chance meeting but will keep you captivated until the end